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From desktop support to bespoke projects, our IT services are vast and wide ranging. Offering varied services to suit every client’s needs, PC Gen is every business’s one-stop-shop for all IT solutions.

Business IT Support

Keep your office devices functioning properly and your business running smoothly with our desktop support services.

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From standardisation to setting up new equipment, our trained technicians are available to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot any hardware or software issues you may have. Following a break-fix model, investigation and resolution is provided as required, with minimal hassle to your business and your employees. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Software standardisation
  • Application Support
  • Setting up new equipment
  • Problem resolution

Remote support

Get instant support through our remote troubleshooting services.

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Instead of using up precious time travelling onsite, our specialists use remote tools to connect to your server remotely in order to investigate and resolve any technical issues in an expedited manner. Being a swift and efficient option, our remote support is designed to keep your processes consistently up and running with minimal downtime.

Bespoke projects

Our bespoke project services ensure that you get the IT package you require for your business. 

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From setting up a new office system to configuring industry-specific software, our bespoke project services ensure that you get the IT package you require for your business. After assessing your current IT infrastructure, our experts will provide you with recommendations for improvements and set up a plan to make it happen.


Onsite support

Our onsite support tackles localised IT challenges and helps you manage different aspects of an organisation's IT solutions.

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Whether due to security reasons or dealing with offline logistical issues, sometimes remote support is not an option. For times like this, our technicians offer onsite support to tackle localised IT challenges and help businesses manage different aspects of an organisation's IT solutions. Ranging from break/fix support to cabling and more, our onsite support covers all the types of offline IT support you could possibly require.

IT consultation

New office setups, upgrade solutions and everything in between. Our IT consultations will help you to fully optimise your set up!

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Our IT consultation services are designed to help our clients make informed decisions about their technology needs and strategies. After assessing your current IT infrastructure, we’ll be able to provide you with expert recommendations for improvements, including:


  • identifying and implementing new hardware, software, or systems to meet your specific needs.
  • Providing advice on cybersecurity best practices and implementing security measures.
  • Developing technology budgets and plans.
  • Providing training and support for employees required to manage new technology.

Backup recovery

Ensure the safety and continuity of your data in the event of a disaster or system failure with our backup recovery services.

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Due to a variety of possibilities, ranging from accidental deletion to system failure, or cyber-attacks, having an effective backup and recovery strategy is essential to minimising downtime and ensuring business continuity. To ensure peace-of-mind, we’ll set up a comprehensive backup strategy for your business that ranges from data classification to a detailed recovery plan.


Ensure peace-of-mind thanks to our security solutions. 

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Our IT security service will protect your company’s computer systems, networks, and sensitive information from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction. From access control to data encryption and security audits, our technicians will mitigate any potential risks or breaches of data loss and ensure that your systems are kept in an optimal secure state.

Industry software

At PC Gen, we have partnered up with a number of software vendors to bring you specialised software that is designed to meet your industry’s unique needs.

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At PC Gen, we have partnered up with a number of software vendors to bring you specialised software that is designed to meet your industry’s unique needs. Through our expert consultancy and software management we’ll develop industry-specific software that will effectively streamline your business processes, improve company productivity, and enhance your operational efficiency.

Patch & updates

We keep your systems secure thanks to our patching and software update services.

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Whether addressing security vulnerabilities, improving system stability, or enhancing the functionality of your software, patches and updates form an essential part of your cyber-security strategy. Our IT experts will make sure that your systems are protected against known vulnerabilities and that risks of cyber-attacks have been effectively minimised.

Policy management

Protect sensitive data from unauthorised access or misuse with effective IT policy management.

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Network administration

Ensure that your network is reliable, secure, and available to authorised users thanks to our network administration services.

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Using a combination of technical skills and strong problem-solving abilities, our technicians will keep your computer network operating smoothly and efficiently. Our offerings range from network configuration to the cabling of equipment and beyond.

Server administration

Manage and maintain your computer servers with PCGen’s server administration services.

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To keep your servers in ship-shape, our technicians cover a spectrum of hardware and software server solutions, including managing server security, monitoring server performance, maintenance and upgrades and general optimisation.

Antivirus protection

Detect, prevent and remove malware from your computer systems with our range of antivirus solutions.

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Our team is available to oversee your antivirus management and ensure that your software infrastructure is kept secure using updated antivirus software that is entirely compatible with your software setup.

Dedicated hosting

Gain control over your server’s configuration with dedicated hosting.

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When opting for a dedicated server, there's no need to share CPU time, RAM or bandwidth– allowing your website to be responsive at all times. At PCGen, you’ll be able to work with our team of experts to discover and realise your hosting needs. Whether adding or removing software, tweaking your setting or installing updates, you’ll have the power to optimise your server to suit your company’s specific needs.

Disaster recovery

Minimise the impact of a disruptive event by taking advantage of our disaster recovery solutions.

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Whether dealing with a power failure, an office fire or any other type of unforeseen disaster, ensure that your critical IT systems can be quickly restored to normal operation. Our disaster recovery solutions include, but are not limited to, equipment replacement, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), Backup and Recovery and more.

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If you’re interested in any of our services don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our team is available 24/7 to offer you support whenever you need it.

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